At Kent Motor Cars we include a warranty on all of the vehicles we sell to offer piece of mind and the best experience for our customers during ownership. We have partnered with the UK’s leading sports and prestige warranty company and offer a bespoke package tailored to each vehicle depending on the specific make, model, age and mileage. We only offer the highest level of cover available for your vehicle as we feel this is an essential part of the sales process. Being a trade customer with Warrantywise enables us to pass on our savings directly to you, our client should you wish to extend the term beyond what we offer as standard. 

Here are some words from Warrantywise explaining their product:

  • We Cover More Parts! - Warrantywise constantly compare the marketplace to make sure we cover more parts and to give you the highest level of warranty protection on the market. You can rest assured Warrantywise will provide the best level of cover to suit your needs.
  • All Makes and Models Included! - There are thousands of different makes and models on the UK roads, and unlike other warranty firms, we cover all of them. So there’s no need to waste time checking to see if your vehicle is eligible!
  • Repairs at Approved Repairer, Main Dealer or Local Garage - You select the Labour Rate you need and then use any VAT registered repairer of your choice. Or, if you prefer we do have approved repairers we can recommend with national account facilities.
  • Protection up to the retail value of your car at the time you take out the warranty - Your car will depreciate over time, but the value and use of our Warrantywise plan won’t. Whenever you make a claim you’re still protected the same as you were when you first took out the plan with us.
  • No limit to the number of repairs - There’s no limit to the number of repairs you can make, and you’re covered up to the retail value of your vehicle throughout
  • No contribution from you towards repair costs - Repair costs are assessed in full, unless you agree at the outset to make a voluntary contribution, for which we will reduce your price
  • £500 Car Hire, £250 Recovery, £250 Overnight Hotel, Travel Expenses and unlimited protection in Europe - We cover the real cost of your emergency services
  • Most Importantly. NO WEASEL WORDS! - Everything is spelt out in plain English and written by Quentin Willson himself, so you can rest assured in its honesty and transparency.